It is currently 6:45 on the morning of Monday, December 12. If you are blind, the only way to obtain a copy of the Podsafe for Peace track for play on your podcast is to write a direct e-mail to Slau asking for a copy of the song. If you are a sighted podcaster, you are allowed to add this track to your playlist and download it in well under five minutes. I wrote the below letter to Slau at 6:45. Let’s see how long it takes him to send me a copy…

Hi Jerry,

I am a blindcaster who is currently unable to use the Podsafe Music Network due to some serious accessibility issues. Please provide me with a copy of If Everyday Were Christmas so I may play it on the Blind Access Journal podcast.


Jeff Bishop provided a method of equal access to this track which he was ultimately pressured to remove in favor of this vastly inferior solution. Let’s see just how long it takes when we are, once again, forced to live outside the “normal” process!