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The New

December 5, 2005 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

The premier audio book website has released a new design to its website.

The new design labels all the images that one would need for navigation purposes, the book pages have headings so you can quickly jump to the publisher summary for example without reading through all the book information first, and the site rolled out new listener membership plans that let you roll your book credits to the next month.

The last feature is obviously taken from the cell phone industry and the roll over minutes option that they all pretty much offer now.

A very cool new feature is the list of lists which include lists like the best Listens of 2005, books to film, holiday stories, and staff/customer top ten lists.

The site also has an express purchase feature that is the same as’s one click ordering.

the one drawback with regards to accessibility is on the membership join page. The membership plans are described using labeled graphics, but the plans are each on their own line with the click here portion of the graphic clickable all though your screen reader might not indicate that.

the plans on the audible site are basic ($9.95/month), Gold ($14.95/month), and Platinum ($22.95/month).

You get 1 credit per month on the gold plan and 2 per month on the platinum plan. the basic plan I’m not sure about though you do get some form of free audio plus 30% off any audiobook.

I had canceled my membership a few months ago, but now that you can roll your credits to the next month I may resubscribe.

Bottom Line

Despite the one accessibility issue, which I don’t technically consider an issue since the graphic says click here, I recommend for anyone who enjoys reading and likes access to the latest and greatest in literature.

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One opinion on “The New

  1. Steve says:
    I couldn’t post a comment on your blog in response to Regan’s post about
    Audible. I could post my other comment but not on his.

    Anyway, I went to Audible last night and found the site to be easier as
    he mentions. I upgraded my plan to the gold as I already had the other
    monthly plan at $14.95 so no change in price but I get the discounts and
    roll-over credits. they tell me they will be bringing back the “my next
    listen” too as that was apparently very popular and many people
    complained when it was removed:).

    I also downloaded and installed the new Audiblemanager 5.0; dunno when
    that came out but this is my first time with it. So far, it looks like
    it is easier to work with accessible wise but the menu navigation is
    still funky like before but you don’t get that extra instance to run the
    player. it is tool bar across the top of the main program but the
    shortcut keys are still available so all and alll I think it is a bit
    tighter and less sloppy if ya know what I mean. The options settings
    seem to be much less than before so it is probably a simpler program to
    work with over all.

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