Approximately one week ago today, a support ticket was submitted to PRWeb concerning the company’s recent implementation of visual verification without an accessible alternative for blind and visually impaired users on two pages of their web site. We are ecstatic to report that this matter has been resolved on the most important page and the accessibility will be pushed to the second page in the very near future. Accessible CAPTCHA is provided as a link that opens a second version of the form including an audio playback of the characters to be entered in order to successfully pass the visual verification test. As a demonstration of this positive development, blind and visually impaired visitors may now freely use PRWeb’s site to forward a copy of the press release on the Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition to their friends and colleagues without need of sighted assistance or a work around. We applaud and sincerely thank PRWeb for their prompt, effective implementation of an accessible solution to their visual verification scheme. The company’s response to this issue should serve as a shining example to other web site owners who continue to employ visual verification without accessibility. We urge all such companies to step up to the plate by investing a small amount of effort and time to devise an accessible alternative to their CAPTCHA implementations.