There is a possible new job opportunity on the horizon for me along with a related software accessibility query, help is still being sought for the Google petition, NFB sues Target for web site inaccessibility, CastBlaster becomes more accessible, there are some concerns about the accessibility of Podshow’s upcoming products and services, makes the grade, I rant about the need for more assistive technology industry innovation, and much more. Listen to the podcast and follow the links for more details. CRM Accessibility Query

Is this customer relationship management application accessible to blind screen reader users? A potential job opportunity may hang in the balance.

Google Word Verification Accessibility Petition

We could always use lots more signatures! We are also continuing to ask for promos, help with media coverage and assistance with the cover letter.

Disability Rights Advocates Case: NFB v. Target

This should help to serve as an object lesson not to ignore the accessibility needs of people with disabilities!

CastBlaster Accessibility Update

Thanks go out to CastBlaster Mike for working with me to improve the accessibility of this important podcast production and publishing software. Watch out for those blind people blasting accessible casts to an MP3 player near you!

Podcaster News Network

Please check out this neat resource and let me know your thoughts. Pretty accessible as it stands, and one of Todd Cochrane’s developers is working with me to correct some missing alt tags.

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