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PDF2TXT: Access PDF Docs in a Flash

March 1, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

I urge all blind computer users to download, install and use Jamal Mazrui’s PDF2TXT utility whenever quick, effective access to PDF documents is required. My new position requires that I review and search a large quantity of documentation, most of which is only available in PDF. PDF2TXT has been an absolute Godsend in this area. The program quickly converts single PDF documents or a large batch of PDF files into plain text format that is extremely usable and understandable for those of us relying on screen readers. Though I have known about this handy software for quite some time now, I delayed giving it a try myself. Don’t make the same mistake. Get PDF2TXT today!

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2 opinions on “PDF2TXT: Access PDF Docs in a Flash

  1. hey darrell, I just wanted to advise your readers that they could alternitively and easily just use a mac, and a built in program called preview that will allow you to read pdf docs as if they were just your standard text docs with the screen reader voiceover

  2. Darrell:

    Long time no talk! Last time was at CCB I think!
    Hope you get these via email since this isn’t really a recent post.

    Well I haven’t tried PDF2TXT yet cuz it’s a Win32 program, and I’ve been doing major amounts of work on the Pac Mate (BX440) so I am limited to the adobe seervice. Not bad as long as you have online access of some kind.

    Only problem is it doesn’t work w/ActiveSync–that is, you have to create a separe account sored on the PM and send the PDF file from there; no idea why.

    Well, I thought I’d point it out, and also say that I for one would love to see/hear more commentary about portable devices out there. There are so many, and about 70% of them that are mostly foreign never get mentioned.

    Well take care, thanks for the MAGIC warning, and contact me if you like.

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