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CastBlaster Forum Registration Closed to Blind Users

May 7, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

I have just received word that, due to increased spam, the visual verification has been reinstated on the CastBlaster Forums without an accessible alternative, thus effectively barring blind users from registering for access. Stay tuned for further developments on this unfortunate turn of events.

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2 opinions on “CastBlaster Forum Registration Closed to Blind Users

  1. Last Thursday I registered for a Google Account. I used the new accessible audeo feature and was pleased with how easy sign-up was. A few months ago I signed the Google Petition. I asked my friends to sign it too. Google is a more socially responsible, accessible company because WE worked together to push them. I felt both proud and hopeful on Thursday when I registered for my Google Account. And at the same time, as this post indicates, “we have miles to go before we can sleep.”

  2. Hey Darel:

    Its been a while since i commented but i feel I have to here.

    For one, I don’t feel the world is against us. I don’t feel we’re locked out. yes, maybe its hard, ad frustrating that we can’t sign up right away, on our own independantly.

    big deal!!!!

    There has never been a time when I ran into an unaccessible “Type the letters in the picture” thingie and got no help from the site admin for it. and I mean everywhere, from slashdot, to dating sites, to other tech sites, I frequent, etc.

    Where do we as blind people get off, being so defensive???

    by the way, I have an idea, do you think it would be more helpful to people that maybe if some of us “Blind Techs/hackers” got together and developed a site that explains how to implition the accessible capcha process, does this even cost to impliment? is it easy to impliment, these are the question to ask yourself when pounding on the “We’re locked out drum”

    Can one of us successfully impliment this technology?

    Please respond either on here or in email. I keep reading all these blind bloggers ad i get sadden that many of my blind associates feel that the world is against them because their blindness.

    Gabe Vega A+, Network+
    The BlindTechs Network

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