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Google Opens Doors to the Blind

May 3, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker


Did you all miss me? I’m back! Here’s what I talked about on the show:

  • Google opens its doors to us by finally making an audio CAPTCHA available on all properties, including Blogger. What shall we do with the petition?
  • Karen and I will be married in exactly one month from today!
  • Karen’s guide dog, Douglas, has been having a hard time lately.
  • I’m listening to Scott Sigler’s latest podcast novel, Infection. We’re up to episode 8 and things are really hopping. This book is pretty morbid, so I would not consider it family safe. I wish Scott would work on the accessibility of his web site just a little…
  • I played Good Day by Natives of the New Dawn from the Podsafe Music Network.

That’s all my friends. Don’t forget to tell us what you think. Thanks.

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