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Sirius Satellite Radio Erects A "No Blind People Allowed" Sign

June 14, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

We have just learned that Sirius Satellite Radio has implemented an inaccessible CAPTCHA for their online service. This CAPTCHA is required not for initial registration, but for each log in to the service. This CAPTCHA makes the service completely useless to the blind. This action results in a total lock out of blind and visually impaired customers from a service, listening to audio content, they ought to be able to inherently enjoy without barriers. We urge all Sirius Satellite Radio subscribers to call 1-888-539-7474 insisting that the company implement an accessible alternative to CAPTCHA or remove it altogether while seeking a better solution.

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2 opinions on “Sirius Satellite Radio Erects A "No Blind People Allowed" Sign

  1. I feel the need to ask and would love to ask Sirius although I am not a subscriber, what the hell is the point and the need for this sort of thing every time one logs into a service they subscribed to? I mean for real? What kind of absolutely stupid incompitent person or people that do not have a clue why they are using technology the way they do implemented this and what need did they see? What are you preventing by implementing this in this way? Someone who did this should either have a respectible reason or be fired for such action because it indicates a complete lack of understanding the technology you are implementing.

  2. The speculation I hear is that this CAPTCHA has been implemented to defeat recording software such as Replay A/V from being able to automatically log in to a Sirius account to record programming, now that Howard Stern is carried by the Sirius network. All the same, if there is to be CAPTCHA, that is fine as long as it is made accessible to blind customers.

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