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Microsoft Adds Yahoo! Messenger Users to Windows Live Messenger, Makes Instant Messaging Even More Accessible

July 19, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

We already know how the accessibility of Windows Live Messenger allows blind and visually impaired people to communicate instantaneously with millions of other computer users around the world. Now, Microsoft and Yahoo! have expanded this capability to include users of Yahoo! Messenger. That’s right! Windows Live Messenger users may now communicate seemlessly with users of Yahoo! Messenger. This development represents an unexpected improvement in the overall accessibility of instant messaging applications for the blind. As compared with AOL Instant Messenger and MSN Messenger, the Yahoo! Messenger has always represented a less accessible instant messaging path for blind users. When it was necessary to communicate with Yahoo Messenger users, the blind had to cope with an inadequately supported application or ask the Yahoo! users to switch to a more accessible instant messaging client. This problem is now firmly in the past! Simply add Yahoo! Messenger users to your Windows Live Messenger contact list and start communicating with them in an accessible environment! See Talk to your Yahoo! friends from Windows Live Messenger for more information, sign up for the beta, restart Windows Live Messenger and start chatting with your long lost Yahoo! Messenger pals today.

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3 opinions on “Microsoft Adds Yahoo! Messenger Users to Windows Live Messenger, Makes Instant Messaging Even More Accessible

  1. I have yet to get this feature to work successfully. The Yahoo! contacts always show as being offline, and the tray icon says “connection error.” I haven’t successfully found any information regarding the nature of this problem.

  2. I can’t connect to yahoo messenger from windows live messenger. It always show that the contact is not in the allow list but whereas there is no problem in the setting. I only hope this feature does work or are we wasting our time?

  3. You have to enter the yahoo id as…

    when live messenger sees the it will send a request to the yahoo member to approve you to add them. Once they approve you they will show online or offline.

    Say you want to add me (my yahoo id is kyalprunty) you would need to enter I will get a popup saying you want to add me. I then approve it and then you will be able to see me online or not at that point.


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