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Karen Reminds You all to Listen to The Desert Cafe on Friday!

August 3, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Karen reminds all of you to listen to the debut of The Desert Cafe tomorrow morning on ACB Radio Interactive from 15:00 to 18:00 Universal time.

Today, August 4,

Fun is in store.

OnA C B R I,

Why don’t you Join us and say hi.

From 15 to 18 UTC,

Is where the fun will be!

The DesertCafe ,

Is where the music will play.

This is Darrell’s Debut,

He will play cool music and have tech news too!

At 8 o’clock,

The music will rock.

So, go ahead and lis en,

8 to 11 Pacific is when!

A variety of music will play,

So come, stay!

What do you say?

and have a great day!

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