Many of us have relied on BlogLines to read and organize our blogs and other RSS feeds. Unfortunately, recent changes to the service have rendered it virtually inaccessible to those of us who rely on screen readers to access our computing world. Despite attempts at contact by several blind and visually impaired users, BlogLines has, thus far, persistently turned a blind eye and deaf ears to our accessibility concerns. Perhaps, the BlogLines folks just aren’t hearing from enough of us to make the right decision to take our needs seriously. I urge all blind and visually impaired BlogLines users to take two actions right now. First, use the contact form to ask the BlogLines developers to restore and insure continued accessibility to the service for everyone, including those of us whom happen to be blind or visually impaired. Second, write a short note to Darcy Cobb, the press contact for (the owner of, letting her know about the loss of accessibility and asking her to investigate the matter for the sake of the company’s positive ongoing public relations.

If any response is received from or the BlogLines people directly, either positive or negative, please report it to us so that we may either take the appropriate additional actions or thank the appropriate people for doing the right thing. The BlogLines folks don’t understand what they have done to us. They may not be hearing from a sufficient amount of people to make the proper decision to take us seriously. Let’s fix that by constantly sending them accessibility requests from as many blind and visually impaired, and those who care about us, as possible to get our point across effectively.
Thanks for reading and, hopefully, for taking the actions necessary to restore access to a useful resource.