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BlogLines Officially Announces Accessibility Improvements

October 16, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

We thank the developers of BlogLines for once again restoring access to the service to us. The following announcement now appears on the BlogLines home page.

We believe in providing the best service for each individual. To that end, we recently released some changes to the tree in the left pane to make things a bit easier on those with visual impairments.

The folder toggle icons now feature an alt tag which dynamically changes, letting a screen reader know the state of a folder. In addition, we changed the markup for folder labels, making it easier to navigate within the tree.

Last, a special thanks to Darrell Shandrow and Jeff Bishop for their help with the new tree.

– The Bloglines Team

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One opinion on “BlogLines Officially Announces Accessibility Improvements

  1. Thanks Deryl to you and Jeff with your help to making Blog Lines accessible again. I actually filled out the comment form the day they screwed with the left pain. I also wanted to make you all aware that I’m not able to access my feeds using Firefox 1.5.7, however, it works fine in IE 6. God bless.

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