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Accessible Voting Demonstration

November 6, 2006 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker


Listen to this live demonstration of accessible voting courtesy of Steve Bauer. If you haven’t voted absentee or early, make sure you fulfill your obligation as an American by voting on Election Day, November 7!

Download and Listen

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One opinion on “Accessible Voting Demonstration

  1. I haven’t listened yet to this demonstration, but I do have some wonderful news to report. I mentioned in a previous comment that a neighbor was going to take me to vote today. Well she did, but I didn’t need her assistance even though she gladly offered it. The reason? Where’s the virtual drumroll? There was an audio ballot! Not only was there an audio ballot, but it was actually functioning properly this time! There was Braille next to each button. I held a remote-control-type device in my hand, and the audio instructions were very clear. I made my selections, and when I reached the end of the ballot I pressed the button for a print-out and voila! The speech was all pre-recorded human speech, and the speed and volume could be controlled. I had the volume up as far as it could go because the polling place was rather crowded. After voting my neighbor treated the two of us to Starbucks. It felt totally awesome being able to cast my own ballot for the first time. It made my day!

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