Yesterday, I installed Skype 3.0 on my brand new Dell XPS 410 system. During the process, it seems I mistakenly opted for the Internet Explorer toolbar add-on. As this was one of the last things I did to the system last night, I didn’t notice any problems at the time.

As I started working this morning in Internet Explorer 7, I noticed that JAWS 8 was having a great deal of trouble reading links as I navigated using the tab and shift+tab commands. I was not having similar issues during the entire previous day. Thinking through the typical troubleshooting process, and knowing how some toolbars and similar extensions have been known to cause access difficulties in the past, I promptly disabled Skype’s Internet Explorer 7 toolbar. Taking this action resolved my issue immediately!

If you start experiencing unknown access issues with your web browser, I recommend the removal of any recently installed add-ons by taking the following steps:

  1. Open Internet Explorer 7.
  2. Press alt+t to pull down the Tools menu.
  3. Down arrow to Manage Add-Ons and press enter.
  4. Press enter on Enable or Disable Add-ons.
  5. Select show add-ons currently loaded in Internet Explorer. Use up and down arrow keys to select this option if it is not already the default.
  6. Press tab to reach the list of currently installed add-ons.
  7. Press down arrow until you have reached the item you wish to remove. The Skype toolbar would represent an excellent example.
  8. Press tab to reach the settings for the selected add-on.
  9. Press down arrow to select the Disable radio button.
  10. Press tab until you reach the OK button and press enter to make the changes to your browser.