Applian Technologies has now released Replay A/V 8.02, and it is more accessible than ever! After some initial accessibility setbacks in versions 8.0 and 8.01, Applian is getting back on track with this release.

Replay A/V 8.02 now sports a standard menu bar at the top of the window enabling access by pressing the alt key and featuring keyboard shortcuts. Previously defined alt key commands have been switch to the control key to relieve conflicts with menu shortcuts. The Application key or Shift+F10 command can now be used to access the context menu for each show in the list. My only gripe is the presence of a quirky “hints” dialogue box that pops up with a check box and OK button that do not seem to be accessible using either the space bar or enter keys. The screen readers mouse movement and left click commands must be used to access these controls. Read this Product Update notice for more details. If you are a current Replay A/V 7 user, this upgrade can now be highly recommended. We thank the folks at Applian Technologies for listening to the blind community by making Replay A/V accessible.