Jeff Bishop reports the following, which you all certainly will not want to miss.

This week we bring Tim Cumings and his wife on to the show to talk to us all about them.  Who is Tim?  What goes into the production work for the shows we hear on Main Stream like Cooking in the Dark among others.  Come and ask both of them any questions pertaining to the shows they produce as well as
any audio production questions you may have.

During the second hour we bring on Darrell and Karen Shandrow.  Many of you know Darrell from his work on the blog Blind Access Journal and the Google petition.  Darrell has an unbelievable story to tell about his childhood and his life and Karen also has a fascinating story to tell as well.  What brought them together?  How did he propose to Karen? Yes, it even has a ACB connection.

We will discuss the new Main Menu line up during the show as well all about the new live format.  You can come and ask questions about this as well.

All this and more is up for grabs on the next Marlaina, heard on ACB Radio MainStream. It all starts on Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern, 5 Pacific, which is Monday morning at 1 Universal. The program will replay for 24 hours, and of course, is available via podcast from the ACB Radio replay page. As always, we’ll take your calls at our toll-free number, 866-400-5333.