This week begins a new era for Main Menu. We begin our interactive portion during the second hour of Main Menu starting this week. First of all, what
is coming up in the first hour:

  • We first hear from Stephen Guerra from Independent Living Aids to talk to us all about the Dora the Explorer Interactive Talking Crayons. This is a very innovative product to assist parents in engaging with their young children who may be blind or who may have low vision.
  • We next hear from Marc Mulcahy with a very in-depth review of the Icon from Levelstar.
  • During the second hour we open the phones and bring Marc and Stephen on to Main Menu Live to talk with all of you. You will be able to call in and ask either of our guests questions. In addition, we will have three panel experts on the show with us to answer any technical questions you may have. Randy Knapp will talk about serial ATA external drives and Don Barrett will discuss with us some interesting things about File Dir and TextPal among others from Jamal. Both gentlemen have very technical expertise in the assistive technology industry and in computer technology as well.
  • During Main Menu Live, we will also be presenting the Access Watch Review of the week. This will be a 1 or two minute segment each week with a short review from the Access Watch web site. This week we hear all about Windows One Care Live from Microsoft.

Coming up on January 31st on Main Menu we talk all about Windows Vista in a very special live edition of Main Menu. We will have Daniel Hubbell from the Microsoft Accessibility Technology Group, Mike Calvo from Serotek and Doug Geoffray from GW Micro coming on Main Menu that week. Get your questions ready and call in and ask away. This is going to be a fun one for sure!

Main Menu can be heard on Tuesday evening at 8:00 Eastern, 5:00 Pacific, and at 1 universal on Wednesday morning on the ACB Radio Main Stream channel.

Jeff Bishop

Main Menu Producer