Jamal Mazrui’s PDF2TXT tool for rapidly converting and reading PDF documents has literally saved my job! I highly encourage all of you to read Jeff Bishop’s announcement below and join him on Marlaina’s ACB Radio MainStream show to meet Jamal and learn about all his accomplishments.

Hello Friends,

Now that all of you have partied the New Year in, it is time to get back to some since of normality on the Marlaina program.  Marlaina and Gary the Board Guy are sailing the ocean blue for the next two weeks, so I will be filling in for Marlaina.

This week we present a fascinating guest.  Jamal Mazrui joins us this week to talk to us all about himself.  He is the author of such computer applications as pdf2txt (a PDF to Text file conversion utility), FileDir (a very robust file manager), TextPal (a very accessible text editor) and many more.  All of these applications are free.  Who is the man behind all of this work?  Come and listen to this fascinating interview all about Jamal. We will discuss with him his childhood, career, and some on his programming skills (from a non-techie perspective of course).  Many of you know his wife Susan who works for Cingular and we will touch a bit on that as well.  A new baby joined the Mazrui family and we will ask Jamal how he and
Susan are doing with all of that, like how he can continue to pump out all of these tools with a new little one in the house.

During the second hour, the phones will be open.  What New Year’s resolutions have you made?  What gifts did you receive for Christmas? We will also be announcing a new show debuting on the Main Stream channel starting the week of January 21st.  It will be a very exciting show, so come
and find out what is up on Main Stream.

All this and more is up for grabs on the next Marlaina, heard on ACB Radio MainStream. It all starts on Sunday night at 8 PM Eastern, 5 Pacific, which is Monday
morning at 1 Universal. The program will replay for 24 hours, and of course, is available via podcast from the ACB Radio replay page. As always, we’ll take your calls at our toll-free number, 866-400-5333. I can’t wait to spend time with you there!

Feel free to distribute this announcement to others whom you think may be interested.

Jeff Bishop