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ConeXware, Inc Moves to Take PowerArchiver Away from Blind and Visually Impaired Customers

February 11, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

It has been brought to our attention that public betas of PowerArchiver 2007 are no longer accessible to blind and visually impaired users. Repeated attempts to reach the company’s sales and technical support teams concerning the issue have been persistently ignored. This improper state of affairs should be considered as an indication of how the company will treat all its customers from a customer service and support perspective. We ask that everyone, blind or sighted alike, cease doing business with ConeXware, Inc for any reason, until company representatives make the decision to resume dealing effectively with all customers. We ask that all current customers contact the company’s sales and support teams to express concerns about the inaccessibility of the upcoming PowerArchiver 2007 as well as the disturbing trend of totally ignoring blind and visually impaired people. At this time, we recommend use of the free, open source 7-Zip utility for your file compression needs.

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2 opinions on “ConeXware, Inc Moves to Take PowerArchiver Away from Blind and Visually Impaired Customers

  1. Well i’m very surprised about it, and for sure i’ll drop the line on all the lists around here in Croatia and all surrounded countrys. The author of powerarchiever is from Croatia and if he didn’t know that here are blind computer users, for sure he will know for now.
    Just drop me mail on with all the thinks which you find that are not accsessible and i’ll send it around and we will see what they will do about it and will they still ignore us :)

  2. Hey Darel, just drop me a note on and i’ll send all the thinks which are not accsesible on all the lists around. Maybe we could do something about it since the author of the program is from Croatia originally. I know that the guy who was translating powerarchiever on Serbian language is also blind and our languages are very similar.

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