Well, it is another Friday night.  Karen and I are listening to another Desert Skies show on ACB Radio Interactive.  And, well, guess what?  We have a pizza in the oven!  We either cook a frozen pizza, pizza bites or order pizza on most Friday nights.  Jeff usually does the same, as well, so, if he takes too much time getting to all your requests and dedications for the show, you know the reason.  Actually, if you have listened to The Desert Skies for any length of time at all, you probably already know about this pizza night thing.  So, on Friday nights at 7:00 PM Mountain Daylight Time here in the USA (2:00 on an early Saturday morning Universal time) don’t miss The Desert Skies on ACB Radio Interactive for a great time, and, just maybe, you, too, will join the Friday pizza night tradition!