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The Taste of Eye Drops

March 30, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker
For those of you who have to take lots of eye drops, how do they taste?  That’s right.  You’re not crazy.  I asked how they taste.  After my first surgery, I was taking one eye drop every two hours and two others four times a day.  That has only relaxed slightly; I am now down to the one drop every two waking hours plus two taken three times a day.  Unfortunately, after awhile, it is possible to taste these eye drops soon after placing them in the eye.  Some taste sour, others taste salty.  The eye is part of the sinus system, so it stands to reason that some of the fluid from the eye drops drains down into the throat, similar to how the eyes, nose and throat can be affected by a sinus infection.  Yeah.  I know.  Thanks for sharing, right?  But, well, I just had nothing better than to write this post while listening to the second anniversary of our engagement special on the Desert Skies tonight.  Thanks!  <grin> <smile>
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4 opinions on “The Taste of Eye Drops

  1. I’m not glad that you have to experience that, but I’m glad I’m not the only one. Last year, when I still went to the eye doctor, I had antibiotic ointment to put in my eye. It was the most awful taste… No one believed me, and I almost went to the doctor, thinking I had some awful infection, but then I figured it out when I stiopped using the ointment and the awful taste stopped. I hope you don’t have to taste that for much longer.

  2. Aah, information… byewdiful (beautiful) I’m sat with the taste of eye drops in the back of my throat and now I know why, cheers bud!

  3. Oh, yes, yummy yummy eye drops! Not. Well, some are not so bad as others. I carry around Altoids ginger lozenges to counteract the nasty taste and some of the stomach upset from steroidal eye drops I am on right now post cornea transplant. Bottoms up!

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