Some of you may wish to take part in this.  This is all we have about it.
Hi All,
I was asked to review a demonstration version of a program that turns
your QWERTY keyboard into a braille keyboard. This is similar to what you find in many braille translation programs. The difference here is that this braille keyboard works in all applications.  It lets the user enter text in contracted or uncontracted braille using a word processor, e-mail, or what ever. Since braille only uses six keys, there is some indication that it may be a faster entry method than print letters for those who are familiar with the braille code.  Please give it a try and reply to the list, to me, or to the reply section on their web site. I think you’ll find it an interesting program. You can download the demonstration version at
I, nor AFB, are endorsing this product in any way, but I am simply providing it as information.  Be sure to select Version 1.3 and read the setup instructions before installing it on your computer.
Have fun,
Ike Presley