A new merge technique has been introduced in JAWS Script Exchange 1.4,
released today at

In the new HomerKit 1.1, available at
the technique is used to add enhancements to the Internet Explorer scripts
supplied with JAWS. In this example, the file HomerIE.jss contains the
enhancements. Its top line is as follows:

;Merge "BrowseUI"

This tells JSX to merge HomerIE.jss into the script set that is associated
with the base name BrowsUI (the name including extension is BrowseUI.dll).
JSX looks up the association in ConfigNames.ini, located in either the All
Users or personal script folder. With JAWS 8 and above, the main file of
the IE script set is called "Internet Explorer.jss." With lower JAWS
versions, it is called "Internet Explorer 5-6.jss."

JSX adds the following line at the bottom of the existing file:

Use "HomerIE.jsb"

The enhanced script set is recompiled. JSX also merges settings from
HomerIE.jkm into the existing IE .jkm file.

Anyone prefering a manual installation can use the zip archive at

Manual instructions and other documentation for the Homer IE enhancements
are contained in a section of Editor.htm. Below is a summary of the
keyboard interface, which supplements, rather than replaces, JAWS quick
navigation keys in IE.

Presently, in a project of this complexity, some rough edges undoubtedly
remain. More Testing with IE7, for example, is definately needed. I hope
to continue strengthening the code, and welcome help from other scripters
in making this happen.


Hotkey Summary
List of Internet Explorer Keys in related groups

Documentation F1 Open application documentation
About Alt+F1 Display application version and release date
Alternate Menu Alt+F10 Present all scripts in a single, alphabetized list
Hot Key Summary Alt+Shift+h Display this list of command names, hot keys,
and descriptions in default editor
Hot Key Help JAWSKey+h Display JAWS IE help in the virtual viewer, or
display Homer Editor guide if repeated

Select All Control+A Select all text
Unselect All Control+Shift+A Clear text selection

Select Chunk Control+Space Select contiguous sequence of non-blank
characters at cursor, or select the next chunk if a selection already
Say Selected Shift+Space or JAWSKey+Shift+DownArrow Say selected text
Say Chunk Shift+BackSpace Say chunk at cursor

Start Selection F8 Mark starting point of text to be selected
Complete Selection Shift+F8 Select text from starting point to cursor
Copy All Control+F8 Copy all text to clipboard
Read All Alt+F8 Say all text (without moving cursor)

Say Address Alt+Delete Say line, column, and percent position of cursor
Say Yield Text Alt+y Say number of characters, words, and lines in text
Say Yield Structure Alt+Shift+y Say number of links, headings, and frames
in page

Quote Clipboard Alt+' Say clipboard text
Clear Clipboard Alt+Shift+' Clear clipboard text
Save Clipboard to Text File Control+' Save clipboard text to file on disk
Append Clipboard to Text File Control+Shift+' Append clipboard text to
file on disk

Configuration Options Alt+Shift+C Adjust configuration options of the
Manual Options Alt+Shift+M Adjust extra options of scripts by editing its
.ini file

Copy Control+c Copy selected text to clipboard, or copy current line if no
Copy Append Alt+c Append selected text to clipboard, or append current
line if no selection
Paste Control+v Paste text from clipboard

Count with Regular Expression Control+Shift+C Count parts of text matching
a regular expression
Extract with Regular Expression Control+Shift+e Extract text matching a
regular expression

Forward Find Control+f Search forward for string
Reverse Find Control+Shift+f Search backward for string
Forward Again F3 Search forward for next match
Reverse Again Shift+F3 Search backward for previous match

Indent Alert Toggle Alt+Shift+i Toggle announcement of changes in
Toggle Punctuation JAWSKey+Accent Toggle JAWS voice between all and no

Jump to Line Control+j Jump to line
Jump Again Alt+j Repeat Jump to Line command

Set Bookmark Control+k Set bookmark at cursor position
Clear Bookmark Control+Shift+k Clear bookmark at cursor position
Go to Bookmark Alt+k Go to bookmark in current document
Set ID Bookmark Control+F9 Set bookmark at current ID in HTML of page
Clear ID Bookmark Control+Shift+F9 Clear current ID bookmark
Go to ID bookmark Alt+F9 Go to ID bookmark in current page

Set Favorite Control+l Add current url to the list of favorites
Clear Favorite Control+Shift+l Clear current url from the list of
List Favorites Alt+l Open an url from the list of favorites
Recent Files Alt+r Open an url from the list of those recently used

New File Control+n Open a new browser window at the same url
New from Clipboard Control+Shift+n Open the default editor with clipboard

Open Control+o Open url
Open Again Alt+o or F5 refresh the current page

Save Body to Text File Control+s Save page body to file on disk
Append Body to Text File Control+Shift+s Append page body to file on disk
Save HTML Alt+Shift+s Save page to HTML file on disk
Save Target Alt+s Save target of current url reference to file on disk

Mail Page Control+m Mail current page as attachment
Mail Link Control+Shift+m Mail current link as attachment
Print Control+p Print current page
Run at Cursor Shift+F5 Execute a web URL or email address at cursor

Spell Check F7 Spell check all or selected text
Thesaurus Shift+F7 Look up synonyms for word at cursor

Say Page Url Alt+p Say url of current page, or copy to clipboard if
Append Page Url Alt+Shift+p Append url of current page to clipboard
Say Url Reference Alt+U Say url reference of current link, or copy to
clipboard if repeated
Append Url Reference Alt+Shift+U Append url reference to clipboard
Say Body Alt+B Say body of current page, or copy to clipboard if repeated
Append Body Alt+Shift+B Append body to clipboard
Say Rest Control+R Say rest of text from cursor position, or copy to
clipboard if repeated
Append Rest Control+Shift+R Append rest to clipboard

End Character Alt+End Go to last non-blank character of line and read it
Home Character Alt+Home Go to first non-blank character of line and read
Next Word JAWSKey+RightArrow Go to next word and read it
Previous Word JAWSKey+LeftArrow Go to previous word and read it
Next Chunk Control+RightArrow Go to next chunk and read it
Previous Chunk Control+LeftArrow Go to previous chunk and read it
Next Sentence Alt+DownArrow Go to next sentence and read it
Previous Sentence Alt+UpArrow Go to previous sentence and read it
Next Paragraph Control+DownArrow Go to next paragraph and read it
Previous Paragraph Control+UpArrow Go to previous paragraph and read it

Navigation Skip Alt+N Search for "skip navigation" link and execute it if
Printer Friendly Version Control+Shift+P Search for "printer friendly
version" and execute it if found

Load Text File to Clipboard Control+T Load text file onto clipboard
Append Text File to Clipboard Control+Shift+T Append text file to

Explorer Alt+Backslash Open Windows Explorer
Command Line Control+Backslash Open a command prompt

Current Windows F4 Activate a browser window from a list of those
currently open
Exit Alt+F4 Exit browser instance

Query Script Set JAWSKey+Q Check which scripts are active
Elevate Scripts JAWSKey+Control+F11 Download latest scripts and run
installer (after confirming)