Some of you may know Darrell, from his Desert Café show,
Yet, did you also know,
He is into Ham radio?
a very long time ago,
It became a hobby and with radios,he loved to play,
And, those experiences, influenced his career today,
After, being introduced to it, by our good friend jeff Bishop, you see,
And by age 12, he had his Extra Class License from the FCC.

Some of you, may know him best,
From his advocacy work, he wants equal access,
For all, for the blind,
He is one, who always speaks his mind
He is not one, who is afraid to speak out,
If you want to know more, go to his blog and find out what he is about. is his site,
And unlike me, he doesn't like to creatively write,
He is a techie and into the History Channel,
And court Tv,
And 12 years he has known me.
Some of you may know his Political Views,
That he likes to report the News,
You may also know, that he enjoys reading Sci FI books,
Yet, does not like to cook.

His favorite Authors are Dean Koontz and Tom Clancy
And, he does not like anything fancy,
Not Gourmet food , not into fashion but, loves the beach,, ,
Hopes, others he can reach,
Change the world for the blind,improve our Society,
For you and me.

He would love to quit his day job and be a beach bum full time,
Does not like wine,
But does, fried foods and sweets he enjoys,
As well as electronic gadgets, they are toys,
For Him,
He also likes to swim,
And the snow
And did you also know?
He is a Technical writer,likes to surf the net, ,
And would like to be a Fighter Pilot ,
And travel to space as wel,
And his computer is a dell.

Tuesday Night's He co-hosts Main Menu,
And did you know too,
He is on ACB Radio's Web team,
Things are not always what they seem,
If you want to know more about Darrell , go to his blog,
See, what he does log
And you will find out more about him, his life,
And me, his wife.