The ACB Radio Web team among a number of others have been working hard on a
brand-new version of the ACB Radio Tuner. With the launch of the ACB Radio
World stream, we have released the new ACB Radio Tuner. Here is what is new
in this release:

This version only supports Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003 and
Windows VISTA. The older version will remain available for older client
desktops such as Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME and Windows NT Version

Addition of the ACB Radio World stream reachable by pressing CTRL+D.

Addition of several new hotkeys.

Windows Media Player hotkey changed to CTRL+E.

Settings are saved in a custom INI file (ACB Radio Tuner.ini) to eliminate
Windows registry writes. The file is placed in the user's Application Data
folder in a directory called "ACB Radio Tuner". This insures that the
program will operate under VISTA.

Improved, cleaner visual user interface.

The "No Extra Speech" setting is now saved if selected so that future
sessions do not check for the availability of a screen reader.

We have great plans for the future of the Tuner and you will start to see
more frequent updates as we begin to implement those features.

You can download the Tuner from the web at:

I want to sincerely thank the following individuals for their contributions
in making this version a tremendous success:

Darren Paskell – for giving us the source code of the original from which to
build from. He rocks!

Darrell Shandrow – for putting up with buggy versions and for assisting in
writing the documentation.

Matthew Horspool – for assistance with documentation updates and for
developing the ACB Radio Tuner tutorial (to be released soon).

Tina Ektermanis – for digging out her dusty Windows 98 box, blowing the dirt
out of the fans, finding its old power cord and getting that crusty hard
drive to boot to test the new version on that platform. Shucks, and all to
find out it doesn't work. Thanks Tina for the hard work late in to the

Chrissie and Marlaina – for giving us the support we needed to get this done
and for always being there.

Main Menu Friends Group users – without their help, this never would have
been a success. There are far to many to list here, but thanks gang!

Again, get the new tuner at:

Happy Tuning everyone.