Win a Smartphone with a license of Code Factory's world-class screen reader!

Code Factory welcomes everyone to join our new competition! Participate for
a chance to win a Windows Mobile-powered Smartphone, licenses for any
Windows Mobile screen reader from Code Factory, and more!

This competition is a real challenge of team creativity! Ask two of your
blind or visually impaired friends to join you, and together, create the
best ringtone!!!

Each winner can choose to get a free license for either of the following:

Mobile Speak for Windows Mobile SmartPhones, the very first screen reader
officially tested on and supporting over 40 SmartPhones running Windows
Mobile Standard 5.0 and 6.0. First released last September 2006 and already
with support for around 20 different languages and variants, over 15 Braille
devices and several third-party applications through a powerful scripting
language, Mobile Speak for Windows Mobile Smartphones does not only make a
true claim to be the first, but has also made a respected name in just a few
months as a world-class screen reader with satisfied users across different

Mobile Speak for Pocket PC Phones and PDAs, the most powerful full-fledged
screen reader compatible with Windows Mobile Professional and Classic, and
officially tested to work on versions 2003 Second Edition, 5.0 and 6.0 found
on more than a hundred devices. This innovative screen reader is the only
one to give the blind and visually impaired true access to a Pocket PC even
using the touch screen, and comes with a plug-in for the only screen
magnifier for the Windows Mobile Pocket PC platform. Also available with
several text-to-speech engines for different languages, support for various
Braille input and output devices, and numerous third-party applications
using the LUA scripting language, this screen reader is known and loved by
the blind and visually impaired worldwide.

But why just read about these amazing access solutions for Windows Mobile
devices when you can be a proud user like many others? Tell your friends
about our new Team Creativity competition and join to win!

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If you have any questions about the competition, feel free to send an email