Karen presents all of us with a KDD (Karen's Daily Dose) poem asking you
all to visit http://money4all.info and sign the Accessible Currency
petition if you have not yet done so.

If you want to independently Identify cash,
Please, do dash,
On over, to ACB Radio,
Money4all.info, is the site to go,
Sign your name,
if you do, life, will not be the same,
So make the move,
The quality of life for all the blind will improve.
despite what you may have been told,
You will not have to fold,
Your bills in different ways for easy identification,
Go listen to the promo on the ACB station.

The Accessible Currency issue affects all, no matter what race or
Can significantly change the world,for all who can not see,
You and me.
No matter, young ,old or what your Heritage,
Don't burn the bridge.
Don't allow there to be a barrier, we don't need a wall,
We need accessible currency for all.
Even if your retired, a student or employed,
This issue you can not avoid
Whether you march with a consumer organization,or walk alone,
Let your voice be heard, your opinion be known.
Give us all a hand,
Take a stand,
If we have accessible money,, more independence, for us, understand?
Upon others, we will not have to depend,
Not a family member, co-worker or friend.
Nor the Clerk in your favorite neighborhood shop,
The stranger on the street,or the city cop.
To identify the denominations, wouldn't you like to read them
Does notmatter,if you have wealth.
Live in poverty, or are a cashier in a BEP program,
Employed for SSA or work for Uncle Sam,.
No matter if you are employed at a large corporation and the CEO,
If you, run the show.
Or have your own small business,
Wouldn't you want access?
Why spend the resources on a talking money identifier??
Complete access, don't you desire?
Why ask for sighted assistance,if it,you do not need?
With accessible currency, you can read.

The group Dyer Straights sung a song titled Money for nothing,
So, drive on to the information highway,
And sign the online petition today.
And ACB, Accessible Money we would like to bring,
So, don't wait, do not stall,
Go online and help gain access to currency for all.