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Accessible Devices – Sunday’s TapMemo Presentation

May 5, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker
We are pleased to announce that Nir Dvash, the developer of the New TapMemo Voice Activated Personal Data Assistant,, will be with us on Sunday May 6 th in the Accessible Devices Event Room  at VIP Conduit to present his product.  Be sure to mark your calendar for 2:00 PM Eastern on that date.  This will be a presentation you won’t want to miss.  We’re including some information about the TapMemo.  You’ll need to be with us on Sunday May 6 th to learn more.

TapMemo -Voice Activated Personal Data Assistant
TapMemo is a revolutionary, handheld, battery powered voice activated personal assistant.  It contains only one multi-functional button and two volume buttons. All verbal commands are Speaker Independent which means the user does not need to train the unit -it will work right out of the box.
 Some of the features include memos, phone book, calendar, alarm, unit locator and more.
We hope you’ll be with us for this presentation.  Access to the voice chat room for this event requires a free guest membership to VIP Conduit.  Visit to sign up and join the event.
Parker, Terry and Randy
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4 opinions on “Accessible Devices – Sunday’s TapMemo Presentation

  1. this is only my personal opinion, but I do not really like PDA’s that rely on voice input. There is a certain amount of privacy that is removed when one must speak their appointments, to-do lists, phone numbers, etc into one of these devices. Years ago, I bought an Imp and I soon found that I got tired of having to find a private place to record my information into the unit. This may just be me, but the day-to-day goings on of my life are my business and my business alone. Using a PDA that you have to speak into makes your business public to anyone within hearing distance. Again, just my opinion.

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