I will be taking action on this notice today, and urge all of you who fit
the profile below and care about web accessibility to do likewise as soon as
possible. This is one important case where NFB is on the correct side of
the accessibility issue. Let's do everything we can to help out this law

The law firm representing the interests of persons who are blind in
achieving full access to the internet in the Target case needs your help!

It is critical that you review the memo below, and respond to the law firm
if you fit the profile they are looking for in the stated questions below.

You may wonder why there is an emphasis between activities on the internet
and activities that take place in physical stores? The reason is that this
is one of the first ADA cases involving the internet, and thus, for this
particular case a so-called nexus needs to be present between the internet
site and a physical place of public accommodation. Of course, in future
legislation and cases, the need for such a nexus may be elliminated.
However, again as far as the internet and an accessibility mandate, we are
still in the early stages of this new era of civil rights for Americans who
are blind.


Mika Pyyhkala

From: Daniel F. Goldstein [mailto:dfg@browngold.com]

My name is Daniel Goldstein. Many of you know that I have been
representing the National Federation of the Blind for over 20 years. We are
currently in a lawsuit against Target Corporation and the judge has recently
raised questions about the blind's use of Target's web site in connection
with shopping at Target stores (as opposed to shopping online) and we have
30 days to submit affidavits from blind people that answers her questions.
So if you would answer yes to any of the questions below, we need to talk to
you. If you know anyone who would answer yes to any of the questions below,
please tell us who they are and how to get in touch with them. If you are a
state or chapter president, please get the word out on this to your members.

1. Do you ever use the internet to find out what store has the item you
want or the price you want before you go out to buy it?

2. Do you shop at Target stores? If you do, would you like to be able to
use Target's web site to know what products are at the store at what prices
or would you like to use the web site for store coupons or for services like
pharmacy refills?

3. Have you ever tried to use Target's web site for such purposes and found
it inaccessible?

4. If you don't fit this description, do you know someone who does?

If you are such a person, the NFB needs your help in the lawsuit
against Target right now. Please contact Mehgan Capek at
Brown, Goldstein & Levy
(410) 962-1030
You can call her collect, or you can send her an e-mail at

Thank you for your help in this important matter.

Daniel F. Goldstein
Brown, Goldstein & Levy, LLP
120 E. Baltimore St., Suite 1700
Baltimore, MD 21202
(410)385-0869 (fax)
443-923-1314 (direct dial)