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Example of the Need for Flexible Remote Access Solutions for the Blind

May 24, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

I would urge you all to read this brief example illustrating the proliferation of remote access solutions like GoToAssist in the consulting and technical support occupations. Blind people in these careers must be able to deliver the direct, immediate service facilitated by remote access solutions, which enable the technician to gain secure access to the customer’s computer. At this time, only Serotek’s Remote Incident Manager solution provides an equivalent level of accessibility for the blind. In most cases, use of this solution in leu of an existing service for sighted technicians, such as Citrix GoToAssist, should be considered a “reasonable accomodation” for the purposes of gaining or retaining employment.

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One opinion on “Example of the Need for Flexible Remote Access Solutions for the Blind

  1. I have allowed 2 different technicians to access my computer and they used and the other used Go To Assist to gain control over my computer. I do not know if a blind PC user can use these products like you demonstrated in your podcast when you used RIM from Serotek but if you need a technician to access your computer all is possible.

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