GW Micro is showing that they are serious about doing all they can to run a profitable business while making their screen reading software available to as many blind and visually impaired people as possible.  We applaud GW Micro for making this option available, and are thus happy to redistribute the following announcement:


One of the largest barriers to technology for blind and visually impaired people has always been the high cost, but that is about to change.  GW Micro, maker of Window-Eyes, is breaking down those barriers, and now offering a low-cost payment plan for the most advanced screen reader available.

Do you need a screen reader that already has official support for Office 2007, Windows Vista, and makes the Outlook Calendar fully accessible?  This is your chance to take advantage of the latest screen reading technology at an affordable price.
The new Window-Eyes Payment Plan replaces the Window-Eyes Lease-to-own program.  Here is how it works:  Instead of the blind consumer immediately paying the full price to buy Window-Eyes, they can opt between two plans.  Both plans include Window-Eyes and a Software Maintenance Agreement (SMA) which provides three major upgrades of Window-Eyes.
The first choice is the Short Term Payment Plan, which costs $50 the first month (plus shipping), and $100 per month for the next 12 months.  The second choice is the Long Term Payment Plan which costs $41 the first month (plus shipping) and $39 per month for the next 31 months.  There are no penalties for paying off the balance early, and there is no interest on top of your monthly payment.

If you have been waiting to upgrade your copy of Window-Eyes, now is the time!  If your upgrade costs $400 or more, you can use the Window-Eyes Payment Plan to upgrade.  Contact our orders department for more information.
The new Window-Eyes Payment Plan is shipping now, and you can place your order now by calling our orders department at (260) 489-3671, or by sending an email to  For more information, check out