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JAWS 8.0.2152 Coming Soon, Which Issues Will it Fix?

May 29, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Eric Damery, by way of his Skype status message, reports that JAWS 8.0.2152 is “coming soon”. Here’s hoping that Freedom Scientific will finally start addressing blank virtual buffers and other serious stability issues with this build.

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One opinion on “JAWS 8.0.2152 Coming Soon, Which Issues Will it Fix?

  1. Yes if they at all have any intentions of being customer oriented and having any integrity in what they do I can’t see how it could be less than obvious that the user community is more than sick and tired of the lip service and the real focus on marketing and the deep pockets of FS. The community as a whole is and have been crying out for a real focus to be put on improving the product and fixing sserious bugs and stability issues as noted above. Can we get on track with that at this point or are we going to have more BS with users and government agencies filling the pockets of FS hoping for these things and only getting any fixes that come about purely by accident or due to other things changing in the environment that jaws opperates in? This is not meant to be bashing without cause, but it is intended to make the point that we are absolutely sick and tired of anything less than integrity in the product and especially with a product that carries such a premium price tag and additional charges to maintain licensing for.

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