The following tech tip is derived from a message I wrote to a mailing list in response to a request for help to remove JAWS from the order of windows presented when changing tasks using the Alt+Tab command.

You can run JAWS from the System Tray instead of the Taskbar, which will remove it from the alt+tab order of windows.  Follow these steps: 

  1. Press JAWS Key+J to open the JAWS window.
  2. Press alt+o for the Options menu.
  3. Press b for the Basics dialogue.
  4. Tab over to “Run JAWS from the System Tray” and press the space bar to check this box.
  5. Tab to OK and press enter.
  6. The next time JAWS or your computer restarts, JAWS will be in the System Tray.

Note: In the vast majority of scenarios, the JAWS Key is the insert key on the lower left-hand corner of the numeric keypad.