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Serotek Remote Incident Manager Demo 1

May 6, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker


As promised, Karen and I conducted a simple demonstration of the capabilities of Serotek’s Remote Incident Manager which promises to revolutionize remote accessibility for the blind and open up many more doors to employment. Please keep in mind that we received no prior training from Serotek. Nevertheless, we successfully carried off this first demonstration of the technology. This may be seen as a testament to the practicality and simplicity of this solution.

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3 opinions on “Serotek Remote Incident Manager Demo 1

  1. Wow!!! This is the blind man’s version of Log Me In! I have used Log Me In with a technician I know so he could control my computer like you did for Karen. Awesome product indeed. Great job Darrell and Saratek. Are you able to retrieve files from Karen’s computer? I think Saratek offers such a service but can you do this with this new feature too?

    On the next show can you mention some of the important hotkeys for System access? Or where to get them?

  2. I am listening to your podcast on remote incident manager. I use freedombox and system access. I gather that remote incident manager is a separate purchase from system access or the annual subscription? I am interested in corresponding with you about your experiences with remote incident manager. I think this could be a useful program for the technical support aspect of my job.

  3. Excellent demo – smile! Just ;started a trial of RIM. I read the Serotek documentation and thought I was missing a step. Turns out I was just making it complicated. PJ

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