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Today’s KDD: Jaws Attacks; Take the Byte out of Crime

May 19, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Thanks to Karen for this wonderfully creative, poetic contribution.

On Thursday May 17, we received some disturbing News,
Freedom Scientific, they did choose,
To Sue Serotek, they want to devour,
Found out this at a late hour,
This made me angry, yes indeed,
If you have not already, do read,
The lawsuit that was filed, and the accusations made, more to this than
meets the eye,
Not sure why?
Suing for Trademark infringement,
Much time and resources spent,
One can only speculate and hypothesize,
That they feel threatened by a company of smaller size,
Whom is making tremendous progress in the field of blindness,
And Freedom Scientific, this, they could not digest ,
Could not stand the heat,
Worried , they can not stand on their own two feet,
So, Brutaly attacked their competition pushing them under,
Rather, then learn from their own mistakes and blunders,
Makes one wonder,
What their reasons are for filing this Suit?,
For giving Serotek the boot?
Why, does FS Byte?
This is not right,
Why are they drawing blood?
Slinging them through the mudd?
Eleminating them as a valuable player , wanting them to sink,
Not sure why, what do you think?
What is your take on this story ?, I was shocked,
The blind Community, this should rock,
Hits Matt and Mike to the core,
After being bitten by Jaws, they struggle to swim to shore,
Serotek,is missing a paddle,
Now, they are fighting a battle,
Swimming upstream,
Together, will stay the team,
And continue to give Freedom for all
Through Freedom Box and Ram and Rim,
Things, now, look grim,
However, with these products as well as System Access, as a third
screenreader tool,
They will continue to stay in the school ,
And despite, taking a dive,
Back On the surface , they will arrive,
And hang in there, with GW Micro, , the Guys Aaron and Doug,
They wil not pull the plug,
Hang in there, do have hope,
Some of us in the community, will throw you a rope,
Do not want to see you sink, capsize,
Yet, to continue to develop products along with Window eyes,
Hope the sharks die,
Fail does, Jaws for Windows ,
Freedom Scientific, stay on your Toes,
You may not be as stable,
Not as able,
Watch out, Broken my be your fin,
This, you may not win,
And though, you play with the Whales,
The other fish,may not bail,
And, all of us, in the community ,need to read our mail,
read blogs and listen to podcasts,
Freedom Scientific, you may be a thing of the past,
And, though, Serotek right now, you may not be in the leed,
FS, bate, we are not going to feed,
To enable you to stay strong,
What, your doing is very wrong.
Nothing wrong with healthy competition, Yet, another,just don't sue,
Hoping your opponent will toss in the towel, and say, they are
Assuming, they will have enough?
They are tough,
And will give you a runfor your money,
What, your doing it is not at all funny!
Those of us,whom are blind, need to be united and work together,
Help Serotek through this stormy weather,
Ahead, there will be rough seas,
Look out, they could bring you to your knees,
There will be strong wind, rain and Thunder,
You could go under,
You never know,
How this lawsuit will go
You could regret, the Lawsuit you did file,
Some of us will go the extra mile,
On your feet, you may not land,
I know, what I say, holds no wait, does not mean a thing,
And noone may care,
this KDD I do bring,
Yet my view on this, wanted it to be known.
My thoughts I do share,
Concerned about the state of Affairs,
In this industry ,
All who cannot see,
Do all that you can,
If you are a Fan,
And Believe in Serotek,
Don't allow them to stick out their necks,
See what you can do,
To assist them through,
Support we do need to send,
A hand, lend,
Get the word out, maybe Flyers?
They are under the wire,
Serotek will be fine,
And, we do need to take the byte out of crime,
Your help we do need,
Go reed,
Get more information, at Blind access journal and the Desert Skies,
They show the size of this issue, so, go to their site,
Both shine the light,
They forward a link, it, they did save,
After reading the Lawsuit, rant and Rave,
Let's do what we can, what do you say?
Let the smaller fish play.

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2 opinions on “Today’s KDD: Jaws Attacks; Take the Byte out of Crime

  1. These words are so true. Freedom box has been around for 7 years.
    And the name is more represetive of the product.
    Ironically, freedom scientific demondstrates anything but freedom.
    Because of the damage they’ve already done to them selves, FS has lost this fight and what little cred they had left.

  2. I agree with the poster above that these words are so true and in reading this I was very strongly thinking what a constructive message it has in it if they could get their eyes off themselves for a minute, FS that is, and look at this for what it really is.They also ought to take note of the overwhelming response in the community with very sound logical reasoning that this is so very wrong on their part. Anyone who honestly cared if they were right or wrong would take an objective look, consider such constructive reasoning as this post and either provide just as respectible of a response or try having some integrity for just one minute even and admit they just may be wrong in this matter.

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