Since our Wedding Anniversary is approaching, Karen found and posted one of her pre-wedding KDD’s (Karen’s Daily Dose) starting with a summary that we wrote to explain its contents. Enjoy.

Like many Couples, there are many decisions to make when planning a Wedding.
It is very stressful no matter whether its a very large one, with hundreds
of Guests or one, like ours, which was a very small and intimate one. We
only had 35 people there, our closest family and friends. There are many
things to consider. The Venue, the Menu, Wedding Gown, Floral, Photography
and much more. Not only this, but one has to make a guest list, send
invitations, find a band or DJ, get a marriage Certificate and so on. As
you can see, there is a great deal to plan such an event.
Furthermore, to complicate things, we had to organize our Wedding which was
on the East Coast from here in Arizona. Fortunately, my Family lives in New
England so, they were able to assist us in this process, especially my
Sister and Brother-in-law whom live in Boston. If it was not for them, it
would not have been as much fun.

While planning, we were stressed out and going crazy deciding on just a
location. We did not want to be Married in a Church. Neither Darrell nor
I are Religious, though, I am very spiritual. Needless-to-say, We did not
have the traditional Wedding.
Since, we live here on the West coast and not too far from San Diego, we
first decided to have both the Ceremony and Reception on the beach. Then,
decided against it. Both of us love the beach, but Darrell occasionally
threatens to completely forget about technology and the modern life and just
turn into a full-time beach bum. We did not want strangers to crash our
party. So, back to the drawing board we went. My sister whom lives in
Boston recommended the Odyssey, which is a boat that tours the Boston
Harbor. They help plan all kinds of Events from Graduations, Birthday's
Wedding's, whatever the Occasion. Their Staff are professionals whom have
the talent and expertise in
organizing Events and making them a success. They have Wedding Planners
who do everything and thus take some of the load
off in planning. Of course, The Bride and Groom need to be involved and
make the final decisions,since, after all, its their Wedding. The staff,just
provide suggestions and give their opinion as to what would work out best.

Despite this fact, we were still stressed out. Prior to Our Wedding, I new
very little about planning one. I am not a typical woman. I am not into
shopping, clothing shopping, do not like flowers and since I am totally
blind, was not into the Photography anymore. I am not one to read Bride's
Magazine and do all the " in " things to do.

Besides that, I do not feel the need to have a Huge Wedding party, a dozen
Bride's Maids, a flower Girl and so forth. Also, since I have two sisters ,
I did not want to choose who would be my Matron of Honor, could not do
that. If I chose one of them or a friend, somebody is likely to get hurt.
So, we did not have one or a Best Man. We did However, have a Ring
Bearer, which was little Dougie, my Golden Retriever Guide Dog. We tied the
pillow to his harness and attached the rings. :) He also wore a bowtie to
match Darrell's Tux.

As you can see, there is so much to do when planning a Wedding. At one
point we almost decided to Elope, but did not. We had a beautiful Wedding.
Its hard to believe, it was almost a year ago. Our Anniversary will be June
3. If you want to listen to The Ceremony, you can. I will provide the link
for it as well as a link to Odyssey's web site so,if you or someone you
know would like to take a Cruise, they can consider using Odyssey for their

Unfortunately, I did not begin writing KDD's before March of 2006, after
most of the Wedding was planned so, I can not post anything. I was so
stressed that I did not even Journal for months, so have nothing to share.
I hope this is somewhat helpful when reading the below KDd. Take Care.

Wedding Ceremony Audio:
Tara's Wedding Toast:

I am happy to say,that, I feel pretty good today.
My spirits are high,
That,is not a lie.
Last night we had a good night.
I actually slept all the way through,
to morning light,
well, not quite. (:
Twice, I did wake,
Yet, a voice in my head,
said, "stay in bed,"
don't get up & play
You, want to be rested for a new day". (:
so, in bed, I stayed,
& there, I laid,
& quickly, I think, I drifted off too sleep. (:
, ,It will actually be a good day.
, have no headaches, or aches of any kind,
& my nerves are calm & I have a clear mind.
Of the challenges ahead,
& all the things I need to do,
before Darrell & I Wed. (:

Since, the Wedding,
is less then 2 months away,
I called our Wedding planner, today.
As you know, I usually listen to tunes,
on my commute,
on my portable tv/radio.
Yet, answers to questions, we had to know. (:
When, guests should board ,,
be at the dock,
at 6 o'clock.
What music to play,
the traditional Wedding March,
or something instead,
before we say or Vows,
& say, " I thee Wed"!(:
The Unity candle, we won't have,
It will be too windy, up on deck, you understand,
So as our symbol, we will use Sand. (:
Guess, there are various colors and textures, to choose,
Not sure, what kind,
For our Wedding Cruise. (:
This I am not familiar with at all,
its not something, they teach,
& you'd see on a beech (:
so, research I will do,
to figure, what, we would like it to be,
have it match with the sea ,
or favorite Colors of Darrel and me?
can't imagine, there would be much,
in color & in touch.
I am sure, whatever, we choose
Whatever, we do,
all, will enjoy the Wedding Cruise.(:

The menu, we need to consider
what, entree, all want for dinner.
&, for the Wedding cake,
What kind to make.
These, are all things,
we can not pitch,
If, our Wedding, will go,off without a hitch.
Hopefully, everything, will be a smashing success,
& nothing will be a mess
Hopefully, all, will have fun on the cruise,
eat, dance, & not too much into the booze.
A great time will be had by all,
Yet, don't expect too many " dose's or any calls,
When, Darrell & I,
are in San Diego on our Honeymoon,
no worries, we, will all connect, after, very soon. (:

well, enough I did to say,
besides, should get on my way.
Hope you all have a good day.