Version 6.6 of the ACB Radio Tuner has been released. The main advantage to
this new version is adding support for Serotek's System Access product for
the Extra Speech option within the Tuner. In addition, an updated ACB Radio
Tuner Tutorial produced by Matt Campbell is also now available when pressing
F8. We will update the Tuner web site to include links to the older Tuner
tutorial in the next day or so. We would like to sincerely thank Serotek
for assisting us in getting these new changes into the new version of the
ACB Radio Tuner.

If you are a Window-Eyes customer and are running under Windows VISTA, then
you will want to make sure and download the patch provided by GW Micro to
correct the Extra Speech issues experienced by 6.5 Tuner users under VISTA.
You can find more information on this patch by reading this knowledge base

GWKB1074 : Window-Eyes API Functions Unavailable in Windows Vista

You can download the new version of the ACB Radio Tuner at the following

If you have any questions, just let us know.

Jeff Bishop
ACB Radio Webmaster