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JAWS for Windows 8.0 Update Released, Many Users Disappointed About Unresolved Issues

June 21, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

Today, Freedom Scientific has released their fifth update to JAWS 8.0. Many users are continuing to report unresolved issues, including the following:

  • Blank virtual buffers in Adobe Reader, Internet Explorer, Outlook Express and other applications.
  • Unexplainable crashes pointing to FSBraille when no Braille display is in use.
  • Persistent canned responses and lack of responses on issues reported to technical support.
  • Various concerns with Windows Vista support:
    • Many dialogue boxes are not readable except by way of the JAWS cursor.
    • Issues accessing Windows Mail included in Vista.
    • Problems reading the sliders in the Windows Vista Volume Control.
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4 opinions on “JAWS for Windows 8.0 Update Released, Many Users Disappointed About Unresolved Issues

  1. This is why people need to stop using that crap and start looking at other alternatives. If your rehab agency insists on purchasing this garbage for you then refuse to accept it and call the client assistance program in your state if they don’t listen. One way or the other we need to send a clear message to FreedomScientific that we don’t want the crap they are selling as software!

  2. If Freedom Scientific doesn’t start seriously improving JAWS, they’re going to be in big trouble when people start switching to the competition. I’ve been using JAWS for years now, and I’m getting sick and tired of FS adding feature after feature and not fixing bugs, while continuing to add more. If I could afford it, I’d switch to an alternative. I don’t think the FS v. Serotek thing exactly improved their already tainted reputation.

    In short: Dig up your developers from that sea of bills and get them working on improving the product.

  3. this is Ming again.
    I think freedom scientific will make some big changes for the screen reading software –Jaws.
    this is my thought by the way.
    what do you think?

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