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System Access To Go on the Job

June 16, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker
I used System Access To Go for the last three hours of my work shift yesterday afternoon to exchange e-mail correspondence and moderate a web-based technical forum.  The results were quite impressive; I was able to complete these tasks as efficiently with SA To Go as I normally do using JAWS.  It is refreshing to see that a company like Serotek is able to keep innovating, pushing the envelope of accessibility and possibility.
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3 opinions on “System Access To Go on the Job

  1. It seems like it has potential, but I have registered 3 times with no email. I have used up all the user names I am going to.

    Since all there appears to be on the website is the download, it doesn’t appear that there is anyone to contact for help, or request.

    (I did check my spam folder).

    Do you know anything more about the service? It said trial account, so I presume that this is/will be a pay service?

  2. Hello, I’ve tried System Access to go also, and like it very much, just because well, to get screen-reader access in seconds like htis? Well, that is just amazing to me! And you don’t have to install anything on the comptuer you’re using, which is good in many situaitons, like if you’re using someone’s comptuer and they don’t want you to install anything on it.

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