Version 3.8
Released June 9, 2007

Fixed the Yield command, Alt+Y, saying "Yield selected" when it meant "Yield
all," and vice versa (depending on whether text is selected).
Fixed the Paste command, Control+V, removing a trailing line break from text
that is inserted. Made the Copy Append and Cut Append commands, Alt+C and
Alt+X, insert a line break before appended text if none is present, thus
making it easier to identify separate chunks of text that you append to the

Upgraded to the latest, 1.86 version of the Ruby interpreter. Improved
documentation about regular expressions in TextPal/Ruby.

Enhanced the status command, Alt+Z, so that it indicates the state of word
wrap, as well as indent mode and selection size. As before, F8 starts a
selection and Shift+F8 completes it. Now Alt+Shift+F8 is a quick way of
returning to the point that marked the start of a selection.

Added support for programming in Java, e.g., with the Standard Widget
Toolkit (SWT). The Pick Compiler command, Control+Shift+F5, includes Java
in the list of languages, and if chosen, configures settings for
ToolCommand, ErrorPosition, AbbreviateOutput, NavigatePart, and
CommentCharacter. These and other settings may be examined and refined in
the Settings dialog, Alt+S. They may also be edited more directly and
flexibly with the Manual Settings command, Alt+Shift+M.