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TV Guide Wireless – At Last, Accessible Online TV Listings!

August 25, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

If you have been looking for easy to use, fully accessible online television listings, your search is over! The TV Guide Wireless service for mobile PDA and smart phone users is just the ticket. Simply select the TV Listings link, enter your zip code and select your provider to find out what’s on TV right now. The listings are provided in a simple text format showing the channel number, channel name and title of the currently playing program. If you want to know what’s on for a different date or hour, accomplishing that is straightforward as well. This service comes highly recommended for both its usability and full accessibility to blind and visually impaired computer users. If you agree that this is the most accessible resource for TV listings, please consider submitting your feedback to TV Guide. Let’s make sure the company is made aware we are using this site, in hopes that it remains both accessible and available to us in the future.

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One opinion on “TV Guide Wireless – At Last, Accessible Online TV Listings!

  1. If you’re interested in accessible online TV listings, you might be interested in our new TV and film search website Like the technology you talk about here, it is region-specific, telling you when a show or an actor is next on on TV, online or DVD, where you are. It’s big aim is to be easy and simple to use, so it would be interesting if you like it just as much.

    It’s in private beta right now but drop me an email if you’re interested ( and I’m sure I can sort you out a pass :)

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