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GoldWave Developer Seeks Accessibility Feedback from Blind Users

September 29, 2007 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

The developer of the GoldWave audio editing software has expressed an interest in learning how blind and visually impaired people use the software and taking feedback regarding ways in which it may be made more accessible in future releases. All blind and visually impaired GoldWave customers are encouraged to contact Chris, the developer of this popular application in the blind community, with constructive feedback. Given the numerous issues with Sound Forge 9.0, and the apparent lack of communications between Sony and its customers on accessibility and many other concerns, I may consider switching to GoldWave. All thoughts on this are welcome.

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One opinion on “GoldWave Developer Seeks Accessibility Feedback from Blind Users

  1. God bless the makers of Goldwave! I love the software and it is very blind user friendly. I am very glad to hear that they want our feedback. I am sure that the Blind Geek Zone will get on this one too.


    Peter Smith

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