We are pleased to announce a brand new show coming to ACB Radio Mainstream. “The Relationship Connection” will first air on Saturdays at 02:00 UTC, that’s Friday evening at 9pm Eastern, 6pm Pacific and every four hours throughout that broadcast day.  Below is a message from the show’s host, Debbie Hazelton telling you more about this brand new show.
So much of the time we assume that the word relationship refers to an intimate or romantic kind.  But what about all relationships that impact our ability to make effective choices regarding intimacy and close relationships?
In this two hour show, we will discuss numerous aspects of the things that contribute to and deplete from all types of relationships, and how we can make choices that benefit the relationship connection we have from within ourselves to include everyone, near and far.
This will be an interactive two hour show, with some guest speakers and the ability to call, email  and participate live.