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Coming up on Main Menu for the week of March 26 – Dueling Operating Systems

March 23, 2008 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker
Hello Everyone, 
This week on a two hour Main Menu, we bring you a prerecorded presentation from the 2008 CSUN conference entitled Dueling Operating Systems, where blind users are given tasks to accomplish on Linux, the Macintosh OS and Windows using a screen reader of their choice.  The outcomes of the tasks are judged.
Here is how to participate in the show: 
The number to call into the show is 866-400-5333. 
You may email your questions to:
You may also interact with the show via MSN (Windows Live) Messenger. The MSN Messenger ID to add is: 
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Main Menu Friends email list. The address to subscribe is:
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Main Menu can be heard on Tuesday evenings at 9:00 Eastern, 6:00 Pacific, and at 1 universal (GMT) on Wednesday mornings on the ACB Radio Main Stream channel. 
Follow this link to listen to the show: 
Jeff Bishop and Darrell Shandrow
The Main Menu Production Team
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2 opinions on “Coming up on Main Menu for the week of March 26 – Dueling Operating Systems

  1. Hello,
    Before I continue with this comment, I would like to state that I am not trying to flame anyone in or involved in the creation of the presentation.

    I listened to a recording of this presentation, and I must say that it didn’t seem to be very well organized or well presented.

    The previous poster provided a link to a blog post apologizing with the Mac goofup. Truth be told, I was not able to discern at all what he was doing, not just because of the broken keyboard, but also because he had the synthesizer turned up too speedy for my understanding. Not only that, but it was one of the new Apple natural voices. I have trouble understanding the concatinated speech technique used in these “natural voice” synthesizers at fast speeds, unlike the Eloquence voice for JAWS and the Espeak voice for Orca, which I am familiar with.

    There also, in some places, seemed to be a misunderstanding by a presenter what, in fact, he was supposed to be doing. For those who haven’t yet heard it, one example was, instead of the Orca user subscribing to an RSS feed as instructed by the task, he merely signed into his google account.

    Combine that with a poor recording (unless Main Menu is using a different recording than the one I heard), and I really don’t think it should be aired on the show.

    Don’t get me wrong. The concept of this presentation was excelent. unfortunately, it was poorly organized and presented.

    If they do this presntation next year, I am looking forward to hearing it, and hope everything goes better. But as I stated before, I do not believe this should be played on this week’s show.

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