Dear Victor Reader Stream Customer:

HumanWare has released the latest Stream software version 1.2.18. This is a
free software upgrade that can be downloaded and installed on your Stream.
To download the software visit:

Select the link to download the new software version 1.2.18. On the same
page, you will also find a What's New document describing installation
procedures and listing all the features of the new version. Among the new
features you will find the following:

– Support of NIMAS text books in United States
– Support of System Access Mobile from Serotek Corporation (
– Go To Time feature for non-structured audio books and recorded audio notes
– Faster data transfer rate when the Stream is connected to the computer
with the USB cable
– Increased volume on the built-in speaker
– Bass and treble control for music
– Control over announcement of music folder and file names
– An optional built-in SD formatting utility should your SD card ever
require reformatting

Please refer to the What's New document on the Stream page for a complete
description of all new features and improvements. An updated FAQ document
(frequently asked questions) can also be found on the web page. It provides
answers to frequently asked questions about Audible, battery,,
CNIB, NLS, Recording, RFB&D, SD cards, and Serotek.

With this announcement, version 1.2 is available in English and Norwegian.
As other version 1.2 languages become available they will be posted on the
same download page. Currently, the previous version 1.1.15 software is
available in Dutch, German, French, and Swedish.

We are also working on a second English U.S. male voice (Tom) and a U.K.
male voice (Daniel). These will be posted as alternate version 1.2 software
downloads as soon as possible. We will announce their availability on this
News Wire.

The next Stream software release project will start soon and is intended to
provide support for WMA and BRF. We are also planning an update to the
Stream Companion software.

HumanWare values your continued support of the Victor Reader Stream. We
remain committed to existing and future customers to make the Stream the
most powerful, flexible, and enjoyable product used for listening to books,
computer files, and music.

Thank you,
The HumanWare Team