Can you remember a time when people around you assumed you were like
them, or to behave in a certain way, and yet you knew that what they
expected wasn't really who you knew yourself to be?

Perhaps this is also a question.
the world says we are blind, incapable, poor, unable, limited, and
whatever else they say. Do you accept that? Do you sit back and let
that be true? Is it true? Or do you find the courage to stand up and
say first, "no, I am not that." I am far more than you see or
understand. Let me tell you who I am!"

What is it like to find the courage to dare to be more, perhaps
different than what the world says? What is it like to find the words
to make a statement so challenging to most of the world? Do you do it?
Have you ever done it? Can you imagine the courage it takes?

And what if, being who you really are would mean changing every
relationship, every assumption others would have about you in order to
bring such a change about?

Hi Everyone,

Sorry to be this late with what's on tonight's show. I just got in from
being in school all day. But tonight, we have our own chrissie
Cochrane. Many of you know herwearing several hats with ACB Radio. She
is a friend to many,.
tonight she is willing to share her own personal story Some of you may
have heard it before. I hope, even if you have, that you will come back
and tune in for what may be an even deeper perspective.

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