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This announcement represents a friendly reminder for all of you to listen to an important, two hour live Main Menu coming right up later today.
Coming up on an exciting two hour live program, we hear from a panel of technology industry experts all about CAPTCHA (visual verification) and other forms of visual authentication, accessibility challenges to existing visual verification systems, the balance between human rights and security, existing solutions for providing reasonable accomodations to visual authentication and emerging accessibility solutions.
We are proud to introduce an impressive panel of experts and their primary areas of focus:
* Matt May from the Adobe Systems Accessibility Team will discuss his 2005 W3C note on the inaccessibility of CAPTCHA.
* Luis von Ahn from ReCAPTCHA at Carnegie Mellon University will describe their accessible solution.
* Steve Dispensa from PhoneFactor will tell us all about an innovative, telephone based two-factor authentication system.
The accessibility of CAPTCHA (visual verification schemes on the web) and other similar forms of visual authentication is a topic of utmost importance to the blind, visually impaired and others with print reading disabilities.  Real, universally accessible solutions are going to require significant amounts of effort, good will and out-of-the-box thinking.  We encourage active participation by the blind community, members on all sides of the issue from the mainstream technology industry and those sighted people who care about what happens to us.
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The number to call into the show is 866-400-5333.   
You may email your questions to: mainmenu@acbradio.org
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Jeff Bishop and Darrell Shandrow
The Main Menu Production Team