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Seeking New JFW-Employment List Moderator

August 4, 2008 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker
I have just written the following note to the jfw-employment mailing list:
Hello Fellow List Members,
I am writing to seek a replacement for me as moderator of this list. Though it continues to be a valuable resource, this list is focused entirely on JAWS. I have shifted my focus away from all Freedom Scientific products, including their screen reader. I haven’t run JAWS once since July 18! Though I will stay on as a member, I wish to relinquish my moderatorship of this list as soon as possible. All offers are welcome to to take over.
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2 opinions on “Seeking New JFW-Employment List Moderator

  1. Good for you. Freedom cientific has to get the message that the blind community is seriously angry with them. It has to come from all quarters.

  2. Good for you. Freedom Scientific must know that the blind community is seriously angry with them.

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