It appears we have an opportunity to provide feedback to Adobe’s developers concerning the ongoing accessibility issues we face with Adobe Reader:

  • Adobe Digital Editions content remains completely inaccessible with all versions of Adobe Reader above 7.0. The available “solution” with Adobe Reader 7 is inadequate at best.
  • There remain some text based PDF files that remain completely inaccessible due to the ability to turn off screen reader support in the security preferences when PDFs are created.
  • Adobe Reader remains excruciatingly slow when loading PDF files into the browse mode or virtual PC buffers of screen readers, causing crashes in some situations.

We ask all of you to complete this survey, making sure to take every possible opportunity to remind Adobe’s developers of these ongoing accessibility concerns. Once you complete the survey, please pass it along to your colleagues, friends and relatives. If we are doing our jobs as good accessibility evangelists, Adobe should be hearing from hundreds of blind and visually impaired users, as well as those who care about us.