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Remote Access Features in Serotek’s Product Save the Day!

February 21, 2009 • Darrell Shandrow Hilliker

It was a Thursday afternoon when I was sitting in the lounge in University Center wondering what to do. I was frantic. I had completed my journalism ethics assignment, copied it to my USB flash drive, then discovered I had left the device at home! I was at school and my completed assignment was at home. Turning it in late was simply not an option. I had an hour before the start of class, so running home on the light rail was an option just out of reach. So, did I give up and accept the inevitable? Heck no!!!

Fortunately, I happen to be a Serotek customer and loyal supporter of the company’s innovative products. I decided to avail myself of the remote access facilities of the System Access Mobile Network in order to gain access to my home desktop computer, locate my assignment and e-mail it to myself using SendSpace. I didn’t have my USB flash drive on hand, and I had no Serotek software installed on my netbook computer, yet I was able to get the job done using the web based access solution. Major kudos and thanks go to Mike and the gang at Serotek for helping me save my academic life!

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3 opinions on “Remote Access Features in Serotek’s Product Save the Day!

  1. Hey what’s really cool is when I have a problem with a computer, say the sound card goes out, I can use SA remote access to get into the computer, check volume levels, mute status etc, and get my computer up and running again. It has saved a lot of headaches for me.

  2. hi Darrel, I am interested in learning what methods they have in place for this type of situation and if it is available to every subscriber. and I am also wiishing to know how much the subscription to this service costs?


  3. Great job Darrell! Good thing you left the desktop computer powered on so you could access the file and had the settings ready to go to do the remote access. I’m thinking about getting the $24.95 plan for 48 months.

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